Matt's Drum Lessons

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Matt’s Drum Lessons aims to teach you to become, not only a drummer, but a complete musician.

Motivation and Learning Strategies – free PDF Download

Whether you are the parent of a young and enthusiastic beginner, or a veteran with a renewed interest, we tailor the lessons to your personality and learning style while making sure that all the important elements of musicianship are covered and integrated into a practise routine. I will design your practise list for you and with your interests and input in mind.

There are five broad areas in a healthy practise routine:

  1. Understanding Music. (Theory)
  2. Reading Music.
  3. Playing Beats and Patterns.
  4. Technique. (How to play)
  5. Playing Music. (Learning and performing songs)

These topics overlap, and help each other in different ways. They should all be practised on a weekly basis. 10 minutes of each per day would be a great beginners routine.

Whatever your ability to commit to practise, if you manage to work a little bit on each area (explained in detail during the lessons), you will get results.

My students are expected to practise.

“Slow practise is key to rapid technical progress. The cerebellum is a non-judgmental part of the brain, it assumes that any repetitive activity of the muscular system is being repeated because the conscious mind is trying to make it automatic. The cerebellum will be just as efficient an automatizer [sic] of incorrect sequences of timing as those that are correct. When practising takes place at a pace too fast for accurate playing, there is very little chance for the material to be mastered, and reliable confident performance simply will not occur.”

-Frank R. Wilson Mind, Muscle and Music; Physiological clues to better teaching