Matt's Drum Lessons

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Terms and Conditions of Service

This is maintained and current information. Last updated 27 September 2017

  1. Current fees (last change in fees was May 2016):  $34 per half hour. Or $60 per hour. My drum book is $20 (required after the trial period, see below).
  2. Fees are non-negotiable.
  3. Payment options are cash or direct debit.
  4. Teaching dates are not continuous over Christmas holidays.
  5. Lessons do continue through school holiday periods.
  6. Lessons are never on public holidays.
  7. When you have your first lesson, you are enrolled (simply providing me with some contact details).
  8. At your first lesson, you will be provided a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Service. You will be held accountable to them.
  9. Enrolled students are automatically confirmed for weekly lessons at the same time every consecutive week (Exceptions: see point 4 and 6).
  10. If you cannot make your weekly lesson, please provide Matt with cancellation notice.
  11. Cancellation notice must be given to Matt at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson in writing (email or text).
  12. You may re-organise your scheduled lesson by providing Matt with at least 24 hours notice in writing (email or text).
  13. Lesson fees are paid weekly for the first few lessons.
  14. Weekly payments end when the next and nearest bi-monthly billing cycle begins (see below).
  15. Invoices will be generated for you to pay at the beginning of each bi-monthly billing cycle.
  16. You remain enrolled at all times until you provide cancellation notice. Your enrolment automatically continues into subsequent billing cycles, each new calendar year, each calendar month, etcetera. 
  17. No refunds on any monies paid.
  18. Payment will not be refunded for unclaimed lessons that have been pre-paid; for example, if you cancel lessons before the billing cycle is completed.
  19. If you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson, and provide 24 hours notice to Matt via email or text, credit can be applied to your account for the next billing period.
  20. Any credit not used in the next billing period is forfeited.
  21. If you cannot attend your scheduled weekly lesson, a catch up lesson may be available, but is not guaranteed.
  22. Catch up lessons will be confirmed by Matt.
  23. You are responsible for arranging your catch up lesson with Matt.
  24. If a lesson is missed or forgotten, the lesson fee is non-refundable, and cannot be credited to a future lesson.

Billing cycles:

  • February (for every lesson in February & March)
  • April (for every lesson in April & May)
  • June (for every lesson in June & July)
  • August (for every lesson in August & September)
  • October (for every lesson in October & November)
  • December (for every lesson in December & January)

Thank you for your understanding!