F. A. Q.

Where are you located?

I am located in Landsdale, Western Australia. Contact me now.

Are you registered?

Matt’s Drum Lessons is a registered business name with The City of Wanneroo. My ABN is 606 873 153 30. I am a sole trader and all income derived through Matt’s Lessons is declared to the Australian Tax Office each financial year. You should feel completely safe in dealing with Matt’s Drum Lessons.

Do you have a Working With Children’s card?

Yes. I keep mine current and on display in the waiting room.

What are your qualifications?

Matt’s Drum Lessons began on April 18th 2011. Since then I built and maintained a full time roster of 20-30 students per week. Prior to starting Matt’s Drum Lessons I taught at local music schools.

I have been playing drums since 1999. Since then I have toured Europe numerous times, the USA, throughout Asia, and performed extensively around Australia. I have recorded four albums, including written and recorded my own songs, made three video clips, and written my own drum book.

I completed Grade 4 AMEB Music Theory while in school, and in 2009, gained entry into Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) at WAAPA. Besides my short time at the conservatory I have studied with great local and international teachers.

I am a member of the Vic Firth Educational team.

See my timeline for more information.

What times are available?

I teach Monday to Friday. The most popular times are after school hours (3pm onwards). Please contact me to arrange a time convenient for you.

Do I need a drum kit to get lessons?

Students have made progress without having a drum kit, however having a drum kit is recommended. If the student does not have a drum kit, there are a variety of methods to practice without one, however it is important that the student is dedicated to practice without the reward of hearing what they are playing. Eventually, you will want a drum kit (or even an electronic kit).

What is better, electronic or acoustic drums?

Real drums are the real thing but they are loud and too big to fit in to some rooms. You can buy mute pad sets for around $100 to make them quiet but then they dont sound or feel very good.

Electronic drums are quiet and small but ultimately can never 100% replace the need for acoustic drums in the music industry. However, for a student, they can be ideal. Expect to pay at least $1000 for something that will last more than a couple years and remember to budget extra for headphones, speakers (if you want them) and a drum throne (seat).

I can happily answer your questions regarding product ranges in different brands and give you a no nonsense answer specific to your budget and goals.

How can I silence my drum kit?

I’m glad you asked. Drums don’t have to be noisy. Check this post for my ten solutions. How to Silence a Drum Kit