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At this time Matt’s Drum Lessons is closed. This site will remain up as a resource and for if/when in the future new students are accepted again.



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“I enjoyed my time with Matt enormously. He catered for my taste in music which was a bonus. He is professional and fun and I recommend him to all my friends.” – F. R.

“Matt was a great drum teacher who possessed drum techniques and teachings skills to help improve my drumming… He has instilled the discipline I needed to keep my timing more in tune with the rest of our church band.” – Sorin M.

“Matt is clearly passionate about playing the drums which reflects on his teaching and makes each lesson interesting. He is also very clear, patient and organised in every lesson. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for drum lessons!” – Lara

“Matt is a patient teacher with a very keen ear and appreciation of a broad range of musical styles. Matt understands my goals as a drummer and his lessons are structured to helping me achieve them. He is highly perceptive and has pointed to flaws I was unaware of. Addressing them has made a big difference to my drumming. He also breaks things down and makes them easy to understand. I am a better drummer because of Matt and I’m sure I’ll continue to improve further under his tutorship. If you’re prepared to meet Matt halfway by practising, he will help you to not only improve, but enjoy playing drums more.” – John F.

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Matt’s Drum Lessons began in 2011 and has served the northern suburbs with high quality drum lessons ever since. I have been playing drums since 1999 and I completed Grade 4 AMEB Music Theory while in school. In 2009, gained entry into Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) at WAAPA. Besides my short time at the conservatory, I have been fortunate to have learned from some of best teachers in Australia.

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I have been very fortunate in my time as a musician:

  • toured internationally including: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and around Australia
  • recorded four albums as a drummer (and vocalist)
  • Started bands, written, performed, and recorded my own music
  • written my own drum book

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Unlike bigger teaching schools that employ casual teachers, my students see me every week; ensuring continuity, rapport, and skill building without cancellations from the teacher.

I aim to help create musicians; not just drummers. While focused on the drum-set, I will endeavour to teach real-world skills that will create musical drummers that are employable by any type of band leader. Time keeping, dynamic control, reading skills, expressiveness, technical foundations, and many more skills contribute to an employable drummer; my students must be musicians first and foremost; not just a drum hitter.

Matt’s Drum Lessons has everything needed to allow for the best learning experience:

  1. Teaching in the afternoons, weekdays.
  2. One-on-one drum tuition, separate drum kits for student and teacher.
  3. The only drum teacher in Perth with almost two hundred songs of hand-made sheet music using professional notation software; and his own drum book (Rockin’ in Rhythm)!
  4. Learn to read, write, and understand real musical notation.
  5. All skill levels welcomed. Best suited 8+ years age.
  6. I am friendly, patient, and able to break drumming down to absolute basics.
  7. I display a current Working with Children Check in the waiting room.

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